Spinsane Slots

Spinsane Slots

At first we thought the slot was broken. But the blanks are intentional. What the developers at NetEnt really thought, we will probably never know. It’s somehow about Indian mythology and maybe werewolves. Right up front, we’re not thrilled at all. But that’s our personal opinion. Spinsane has both classic and modern features to offer in a very unusual design that takes some getting used to. As for the story, it’s based on the Native American wildlife theme that we’ve seen in other games, focusing on the same North American creatures. Expect a game with high volatility and corresponding rewards.

  • Game Developer:NetEnt
  • Reels/ Rows: 6/4
  • Paylines: 28
  • Minimum bet: $0.15
  • Maximum bet: $505.00
  • Wild & Scatter symbol: yes/yes
  • Bonus game: no
  • Free spins: yes
  • RTP: 97.26
  • Platform: PC, Mobile, Tablet
  • Progressive Jackpot: no

Casino Bonus

You can get a good welcome bonus and the free spins that go with it when you register as a new customer with the online casino of your choice. How big these bonuses can be often varies greatly. Our casino reviews will always help you find the right casino.

Base Game Features

Spinsane slot is a 6 reel, 28 payline slot. Wolf teeth, paws, war wolves and the head of a wild wolf populate the reels. The first thing you will notice is that not all symbol positions contain a symbol, giving the game a rather minimalistic look. There is also a wild symbol that can land on reels 3 through 6 to substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol.

Spinsane Slots

As you spin the reels, you will also notice that the same symbols can show up with scratch marks. These are super symbols that get an increased value when they are part of a winning combination. For example, the wolf head symbol pays out 55 times the bet if you get 6 of a kind. However, if you get the same symbol as a super symbol, it pays 505 times the bet!

Spinsane Slot Free Spins

When playing Spinsane Slot, if you have 6 or more werewolf scatters on the reels, you trigger the Free Spins Bonus with 15 to 35 free spins, 3 for each scatter. In this round, one of the reels is a wild reel to give you a better chance of forming a winning combination on each spin. Also, for every scatter of symbols that appears during the free spins feature, you get an extra spin. This means that you can extend the free spins until these free spins are also used up and there are no more scatters.

Spinsane slot graphics and sound

Spinsane looks pretty original in terms of design. However, that’s all we can say positively about it. However, the howling scatter symbol wolf still looks great. Otherwise, unfortunately, there is not much offered graphically. Light bulbs, like from a closed cinema, that turn on and off one after another, light up the edges and some of the gameplay is accompanied by some sound effects.

In the base game, you will hear the clanking of a physical slot machine and the muffled sound of voices as you spin, giving the impression that you are playing the slot in a land-based casino. During the free spins, the game is enlivened with disco style music to get you in the mood for an exciting round! That’s probably how they thought of it. It’s a retro slot that backfired and bygones be bygones.

Spinsane Slot Max. & min. bet, RTP, maximum win and volatility

The maximum win is 6000 times the bet. So a high roller can actually win $2 600 000 here. The one where the minimum bet is still a normal $0.25. There the maximum bet is a dangerous $510. The slot has an RTP of 97.26%. The volatility is in the high to medium average.

Spinsane Slot Game Tips

Normally, we warn you here about the seductive sides of slots and the addictive potential that lies in some of the particularly exciting slots. But here are completely different tips from us. Either you really have a taste for this slot, or you are a real soldier of fortune among the dragoons, riding alone towards the enemy’s army with a broken saber and a drunken horse, inspired only by the one great hussar’s stroke, to strike down the enemy’s commander with his stinking breath. As I said, if you are actually sitting in front of this slot machine, some rules still apply:

  • Don’t fall asleep while your money disappears into the wasteland of the slot
  • Do you actually enjoy it, stick with it. The big win will be a long time coming.
  • Always stick to your budget set before playing. Here it must already be high.
  • Try out the slot in free mode. And yes, it is not broken, the blank symbols are actually intentional.
  • Play with the casino’s welcome bonus or get the 25 free spins that Casino offers until the end of June. There you have more time and you play with other people’s money.
  • Although it’s really hard for us to understand, but if you actually found fun in Spinsane, enjoy it for its own sake. Have fun.

Spinsane Slot Review Result

We are honestly in a state of confusion here and not really sure what to make of this slot. In terms of the chance to win, it’s not bad. In fact, Spinsane has the option that you can win winnings of up to 6000 times your bet, although it’s more likely that it will snow in hell than that you’ll rake in the maximum. Visually and mechanically it is terribly boring to play and hideous to look at. Spinsane makes the worst of the NetEnt games look like a God-given gift in comparison.

Honestly, the one thread that holds this mess together is the winning potential. It’s obvious that something went terribly wrong here and only NetEnt themselves know why. Maybe everyone was sick and they gave the project to an intern or worse. Either way, Spinsane is a limping blind wolf that should be put out of its misery.

Spinsane Slots
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